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May 22, 2020
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May 22, 2020

Why should children learn to code?


In today’s economy, there is an urgent need for people with coding skills who adapt to the needs of an industry in need, such as technology, a reality that will not change quickly.

Seven million job openings in 2015 were in professions that required coding skills, job applications with programming requirements are generally growing 12% faster than the market average.

According to the Bureau of Labor (in America), the average salary for software developers is $ 103,560 per year with a demand that is expected to increase by 24% per year from 2016-2026. This growth rate is significantly faster than the average of other professions.

For this reason, introducing your child to coding is a vital investment for their future.

Learning coding at a young age can lead your child to a successful life.

What is coding for children? What are the appropriate ages to learn coding?
Coding, or computer programming, is a creative process performed by programmers to show a computer how to do a task. Coding involves writing computer programs using programming languages. Coding for children is usually learned using content that is of high interest when creating projects that include creative data.

In short, coding for kids is done as a kind of game making it fun for kids to learn!

Once coding can be done in the form of play, children can start learning visual coding from the age of 5 or text-coding classes that have been created for younger ages.

Coding has quickly become an essential skill as well as writing and math, and is very important for a wide range of professions.

People with coding skills are looking

The technology industry has a constant need for employees, and not only coders but also graphic designers, software developers, computer engineers, linguists, mathematicians and many more. Jobs in technology are not numerous but also tempting thanks to high salaries.

Working in one of these areas and having coding skills in JavaScript or Python is an important step towards a stable and stable job.

Coding prepares children for high school

Like a foreign language, coding is good for learning at a young age. When children are fluent in the right mindset to solve coding problems, switching to other programming languages ​​is simple.

One of the biggest obstacles to success in high school is a lack of confidence in addressing unknown problems. Early exposure is the best solution and increases trust in children, especially young girls.

Coding is an eternal skill

Even if your child does not want to become a programmer, coding skills will prove useful in various fields. Coding teaches problem solving, organization, math, storytelling, design and more. The beauty of coding lies in the ability it gives children to express themselves creatively.

Most importantly, coding transforms the child from a passive consumer to an innovative creator.

What are the best programming languages ​​for kids?

With young students, many parents prefer to start block visual platforms. Some, however, prefer that their children write from an early age.

It always depends on what field you want your child to learn to program. If you want your kids to create websites, then you can run them from HTML, CSS and JavaScript, if you want to teach them how to do apps, you can run them from Java or Swift. If you want your children to go into robotics, Lua and Scala are languages ​​that are more accessible to children.

Another language that has grown in popularity is Python.

Python is a written language that many consider one of the easiest to learn. Python was used to create Instagram, YouTube and Spotify, and students can even use it to develop a website using Django, a popular web framework.

Finally, learning coding from an early age is a very good idea. The earlier children learn, the more time they have to reach higher peaks and find very lucrative jobs in various areas of programming.