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May 22, 2020
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Smart Center Training and Employment

Trajnim dhe Punesim

The business company Smart Center Durrës since 1998 has been operating successfully in the field of computerization of businesses, enterprises, training and professional courses in the field of informatics and economics.

From 01.01.2019 our company offers the new Training & Employment service for which it is licensed with LN-8180-06-2014.

Based on your staffing announcements, Smart Center Training & Employment will truly provide you with the staff you need based on your requirements.
Applicants selected by our specialists and trained according to the needs of your business will be offered to you according to your request within the time limit as soon as possible.

Smart Center Durres offers professional, cultured service, kindness, professionalism and seriousness, guarantees and support for all those who love contemporary knowledge and work.

Our headquarters are located in the center of the business area in front of the Durres Tax Office.
Trust the Professionals!