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May 22, 2020
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May 22, 2020

Elements of a digital marketing strategy

What are the elements of a digital marketing strategy?

1- Website

The most important element as a component of Digital Marketing. Just as a business occupies a physical space, a business website is the space that a business occupies on the Internet. The idea here is to have a website that is as practical and interactive as possible, which brings convenience to web visitors.

If you own a business but do not yet have a website, you can turn to Smart Center, which offers this service at the best prices in the market and a lot of professionalism.

2- Content

Content Marketing serves to present a business in the most efficient way possible with potential customers. Content serves to inform, educate and better identify potential customers about services and business products.

3- Google My Business

The 2020 business must have a Google account (verified). A business that is not on Google is the same as a business that does not exist. Google My Business is a tool provided by Google for businesses and organizations to manage their Online presence (including Search and Maps).

4- Social Media

Social media is of unique importance to any type of business. Their good management makes a business go up, introducing the business to new audiences, with potential customers who would probably never know that the business existed. If what you share on social media resonates with the values ​​and personality of followers, other than a Follower, the business gains a potential customer.

5- Email Marketing

Marketing is often overshadowed by the virtual business world in Albania. Through e-mail, different businesses connect in somewhat less social but more professional ways with their audiences. But beware … e-mail marketing should not be used to turn into something annoying. On the contrary, e-mails can send valuable messages, with the latest news or even a super worthwhile offer to a potential customer.

6- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a ‘bunch’ of techniques, strategies and tactics used by Digital Marketing experts to rank a website as high as possible when someone searches on Google with a set of keywords. Most people who search on Google open the first page, a small section opens the second, and very rarely the following pages are opened.

7- Paid Ads

We all know the ads and promotions on Facebook and Instagram. However, the concept of paid advertising is much broader than just throwing some money at an Instagram post. Paid ads consist mainly of Google Ads and Facebook / Instagram Ads.

Smart Center uses paid advertising to connect with our audience to reach people who are interested in the service we offer, building ads with interactive designs.

8- Landing Pages

In the world of Digital Marketing, a Landing Page is an independent web site created specifically for advertising purposes. A Landing Page, unlike a Website that has many elements of a company inside, is much simpler and is built for a single purpose (usually to sell).