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May 22, 2020
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May 22, 2020

Digital Marketing, Choice or Necessity?


marketingu dixhital zgjedhje apo domosdoshemeri


Online marketing already includes a whole host of many marketing elements compared to traditional marketing. This is due to the many different channels that the Internet provides. Online marketing consists of strategies, methodologies and marketing tools intertwined to promote products / services through the internet. Otherwise, online marketing is known by the terms Internet Marketing, Web Marketing, Digital Marketing, etc. Nowadays, with the development of technology, digital marketing has become a necessity for every business. The benefits it brings are many:

Prenzenca online

Online marketing gives you the opportunity to increase the online presence of your company or business. This gives you more development opportunities.

Low cost

Online marketing gives you the opportunity to implement marketing strategies at a low monetary cost.


Continuous and real-time communication with the market and consumers carries with it information.

Business potential

Online marketing strategies combined with traditional techniques enable you to increase the potential of your business.

Market communication

Today, online marketing and the channels used for its implementation enable businesses to maintain close communication with consumers.

Customer service

Good customer service and providing the right services, in real time and at the lowest possible cost. This is made possible by online marketing.

The types of online marketing are:

Search engine marketing and publicity

Search engines are the largest and fastest growing online marketing and advertising platforms. We have at least three types of search engine advertising:

Inclusion of paid keywords “sponsored links”;
Publicity keywords (like Google AdWords);
“Contex ads” ads on search engines (like Google’s AdSense).

Advertising marketing with “display ads”

“Ads” ads consist of four types of “ads” ads:

Banner ads;
Animations “rich media ads”;
Sponsorships “sponsorships”;
Video-advertising “video ads”.

Email marketing “e-mail marketing”

“Direct e-mail marketing” is one of the first most effective forms of online marketing communications, where marketing messages are sent directly to interested users by e-mail. Although it can still be an effective marketing and advertising tool, this type of marketing faces three basic challenges:

Software used to control spam;
Lists of poorly targeted e-mail purchases.

Reference Marketing – Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the online application of a marketing method, where a company pays a commission to a website (including blogs) to send customers to its website.
Affiliate marketing adds a link to the company’s website for its own website and encourages its visitors to visit its marketing partner. Some references pay a commission based on each sale they have generated, while others may pay a fee based on the number of “click thoughts” or new entries, or a “flat fee” – flat fee, or any combination of these. .

Viral Marketing – “Viral Marketing”

Just as “affiliate marketing” involves using a trusted website to encourage users to visit other sites, viral marketing is a form of social marketing that finds customers by passing on a company’s marketing messages to friends, family, and colleagues. It is the online version of word-of-mouth marketing, but it is spreading more and more quickly than in the real world.

Marketing “Lead generation” uses multiple e-commerce presentations to generate business orientations that can later be contacted and converted into customers through calls for sales, e-mails or other tools.