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The jobs most in demand in 2020!

The following list of ten jobs in the IT sector follows the forecasts for 2020 based on different criteria. The following jobs are currently the most sought after jobs related to IT and will have the widest scope in the coming years. Most importantly, some of the following jobs will receive special attention in 2020.

1.Developer of Application Programs

In place of the most sought after jobs is a developer of mobile computer programs. Currently, mobile applications dominate the business arena. Customers turn to organizations through their mobile devices and organizations are smart enough to take advantage of this trend. Therefore, the demand for computer software developers becomes clear in this case. Moreover, it is essential to note that the large amount of job offers in this sector creates strong competition. On the other hand, competition is evident only in the case of job offers from senior enterprises. As a result, many small and emerging businesses will face the need for competent application program developers. The demand for application program developers clearly indicates that 2020 will eventually bring more good news in this area.

2. IT Security Specialist

Another concern that accompanies digital business transformation directly refers to information security. Therefore, IT security specialists would be key to high-demand work in 2020. Expanding the various opportunities offered by technology in the world also leads to new threats. Security specialists would be in great demand to address these challenges. IT security is one of the top 10 IT countries in the future. The demand for IT security is very evident in the case of large governments and corporations that possess important data. The specific group of responsibilities in this job role will include a definition of entry rules, maintenance of IT systems, and resource review. IT security would be one of the most sought after jobs for next year. IT security work would highlight security improvements and have excellent payment packages.

3.Data analyst

Data is the most important thing in any enterprise at the present time. Therefore, data analysis would be one of the next tasks of 2020. The market currently needs experts in data analysis due to the massive influx of data. Understanding customer behavior, anticipating competitive advantage points, and finding the perfect marketing mix can only be possible through data analysis. The skills for processing and understanding information are very essential. Therefore, attention to measuring and tracing almost everything has become apparent now. Data analysts will need to uncover significant knowledge for businesses from massive data collections. The main skills for data analysts in 2020 would be to create spot models, anticipate opportunities and find new trends.

4.Analist Network

The work of network analysts would also be one of the most sought after jobs next year. Increasing the amount of data also requires complex network infrastructure. Therefore, the level of skills required for the work of network analysts makes it one of the highest paid jobs. Network analysts must have the skills to install, manage, and modify network components. Another aspect of network analysis work makes it one of the most sought after jobs for next year. Network analysts need to understand the business requirements of the main process alongside technological aspects. Network analysts can find reliable job opportunities in the retail sector, the banking sector, IT companies and government agencies.


5. Transformation Consultant

Transformation consultants would also be one of the high-paying jobs in demand in 2020. Enterprises are taking a big step toward digital transformation. Many companies are building websites and mobile apps, while many others are jumping straight into the cloud. In such cases, transformation consultants may provide the appropriate guidance for enterprises. They can weigh the pros and cons of improvements suggested by an enterprise. Moreover, the requirement to collaborate with teams and leaders at home makes the transformation consultant one of the most sought after jobs.

6. AI and ML engineer

Artificial intelligence and machine learning would be the best stones for the next generation of technology. The adoption of AI and ML in various fields of technology and business applications means promising job opportunities in AI or ML engineering. AI or machine learning engineers will also be one of the most sought after jobs next year.

The transition to automation is very important for enterprises and would create more employment opportunities. Furthermore, individuals can find the best careers for 2020 and beyond with AI and machine learning skills. Primary machine and AI learning applications in natural language processing, image recognition, and economic forecasting will be further expanded.

7. Computer science

Computer science also plays one of the most reliable roles in working with the best careers for 2020 and beyond. The science of computer research involves many technological innovations, along with promising rewards for career-oriented professionals in the field. Scientific computer scientists are discovering new ways to improve computer technology and its applications.

8. IT Manager

IT managers would also capture a place among the most popular IT countries in 2020. The work of IT managers deals primarily with a company’s IT sector. IT managers must coordinate every activity in the IT department, along with making improvements to existing systems. Furthermore, IT managers need to oversee a technical team, thus implying the requirement of leadership expertise.

9. Database Administrator

Database administrators will also rise to the top of the list of popular IT jobs in 2020. The work of database administrators would find a transformation in the next decade with a drastic shift from cloud environments. SysOps administrators can take on attractive job roles in the cloud landscape for database management as well as IT operations.

10. DevOps Engineer

Finally, the roles of DevOps engineer would be one of the main points of IT work in 2020. DevOps is emerging as a promising culture for the production of computer software and oversight of code releases. Most importantly, DevOps engineers play a crucial role in improving efficient service delivery.

As demand for Azure DevOps engineers increases, candidates are moving toward DevOps careers. Here is a complete guide to becoming an Azure DevOps engineer! Final words Not only the aforementioned jobs, but the year 2020 will also bring many promising job opportunities in the IT sector. Moreover, the labor market for 2020 will also focus on healthcare and construction services significantly. Focusing on the most sought-after IT-related jobs in this discussion stands out with the rapid conquest of IT.